Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Darling, I Have Your Epic Poem Right Here


Eggs and beat
i know you're watching
we are so bored
you beat four eggs in a bowl
and served it down my throat.

It was just so freaky
once a year i see her
then i dream her
then i feed her
so i timed it at a minute and a half
and didn't look back.

Bet she's gonna lay a bet on me

Do I lose you now?
I dreamt i woke and started my day
and called out the morning window
"get the willowy girl to sing again"
and me and you and the mathematician
all pinned notes to the back of the bar.

Ha! You.
You fucking scare me
You're an anonymity
Killing me softly
but you're wrong about what's inside me
I'm a biological terrorism devotee
with no discipline
no hammer

Just teeth.

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