Friday, November 19, 2010

the paper days

My Angie Baby song list seemed like a good idea at the time... it was momentarily cosmic ... I came home from work and had no heat, no water, no gas, and my living space was drenched from the dead hot water tank. indeed it was making a strange growling sound I chose to ignore. sounds of the house at night are getting fierce, I said. rehearsal in an hour. favorite books were a mash of soggy ink and pulp ... (quote) "soon the (x) will be gone and we'll get on with this thing called life",... i've never had a rehearsal schedule that has lasted more than 24 hours. As soon as I got the schedule I scheduled all my remaining vacation days at work to coincide with the theatre schedule ... not bingo ... I am working with the finest group of actors I've ever seen assembled. I am acting as if I've never spoken aloud before ... a cocktail rocky horror in pink tights with my ability to delve into simple minds I am not, ... you. you hacked into my computer to dig some dirt up and I've bored you to death. ... true story! but years old - i'm going, going, gone ...

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