Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm a member of The Springville Center For The Arts, and I've worked with both actors who play Felix and Oscar in their current production of THE ODD COUPLE, so I took a drive out on sunny Sunday to catch the show. I've also worked with the assistant director, the set designer, costume person, stage manager, the hostess who served the wine, the guy who gave me my ticket, someone who waved to me on the street, blah, blah, blah, - it's community theatre, where everyone's an usher, and a star at heart.
The Odd Couple, Dave Danielson, left, (Oscar Madison) and
Ted Pinneli, (Felix Unger)

The play was spirited and fun with a very able and enthusiastic cast charming a friendly and receptive full-house audience, (there had to be upwards of a hundred people in attendance!). Neil Simon's zingers were delivered with the aim of an archer; the direction, clear, crisp and lively; the set design - a bright and perfect picture of a bowling alley influenced bachelor pad circa 1960's, and those tiny finger sandwiches they served at intermission, (crab?), were as scrumptious as anything out of Felix Unger's kitchen.

Good show, guys! With cast members Sean Farrell, back right, and Gwendolyn and Cecily Pigeon.


Anonymous said...

Guy, Thank you for the kind words and for your attendance, it was a nice surprise to see you there. It has been a long time since we did Bus Stop together. We are all having one hell of a good time doing this play. It is so much fun. I would look forward to maybe working on the New Phoenix stage sometime in the future. Please keep us posted as to what is coming up next year.

Dan said...

What was the one play you did there - you were a dead person in a cemetery? Of course, I think the whole cast was dead (in character of course).

Death, labor union misery, child molestation - hard to believe your coworkers can keep themselves away from your uplifting theatre activities.