Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! oh very young what will you screw up this time?

It's a new year, and my old ignored blog is calling out to me to please put it out of it's misery. 8 months without a post. The poor thing is whimpering. I got up today, New Years, and decided to clean my apartment and confront this blog. I just can't kill the pathetic thing. And I need to get somebody in to bulldoze the apartment.

It was my second attempt at blogging. The first, "Merciless Community Theatre Reviews", never really took off.

I've had a brief affair with theatre; auditioning for a role in a community theatre production about 5 years ago, to the far outer circle of the Buffalo theatre scene, ( I mean like way out there with a mop and pail), I've been tumbling along in it, realizing my acting chops are non-existant, ( and it's funny because I act all day long, but put me on a stage, and I can't act for shit.), but eager to do my part in the production of a play, however menial, ( yes, yes, there are no menial parts, just menial people). But after several months of working for the man every day, and the lady every night, I may give theatre the lights out. Hey, actin's hard!

Mind you, when I get that call that someone is looking for a tireless sound and light man, who will double as stage manager, house manager, usher, ticket taker, prop guy, assistant set designer, and non-speaking walk-on role for little or no pay, ... I'll be there.

Unless I come to my senses.

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